Your Fossil Sport smartwatch deserves your love, attention, and the promise to keep it well-preserved. Fossil pairs some pretty sturdy silicone straps with the Sport, but replacement straps are always good to have, whether for practical use, fashion, or something else entirely. If you have the 41 mm Fossil Sport, you'll need an 18 mm strap. If you've got the 43 mm model, you'll need a 22 mm strap.

If you need a skin-friendly strap that's going to last, this is the one. This Fullmosa band is made with high-tensile silicone that's acid-resistant and non-toxic. Did we mention that it's waterproof, too? Plus, the built-in groove design helps eliminate moisture and promote airflow. Needless to say, it can handle all your high-intensity workouts.

This band is made from comfortable, flexible silicone that can be bent and twisted without any damage. The straps are also compatible with any other smartwatch that uses 20mm or 22mm spring bars, allowing you to swap between watches. The strap's solid, dark color options suit every occasion, even those outside of physical activity.

Having features like anti-sweat and flexibility makes the Fantek strap a suitable alternative for your Fossil Sport smartwatch. The silicone strap is simple to adjust and is both modern and fashionable-looking. The holes in the band also allow more air to get to your wrist for a more relaxing and breathable sensation. The strap is also 3mm thick to give you a more secure fit.

The MoreTek strap features quick-release pins for quick and simple set-up. Made from silicone, the band is flexible, waterproof, and durable despite its thin body. It comes in many colors so you can match it with your style. It's lightweight with air holes that let more air get to your wrist to prolong the lifespan of the strap.

This Kartice replacement strap is designed to fit several watches, such as Fossil Q and Fossil Gen 4. This gives you the option of swapping the strap to whichever watch you want to wear. It also features a strong magnetic closure that'll keep it secured to your wrist. The high-quality stainless steel mesh is comfortable, so your skin will never feel irritated.

The TRUMiRR strap has a quick-release design to make installing the band to your watch simpler. It's also made from thick nylon, making it a more comfortable fit for your wrist, as well as being durable rather than flimsy. The strap is also suitable for numerous occasions thanks to its fashionable design.

This Fintie replacement strap is made of premium quality nylon materials with knitting craftsmanship to prevent fraying and loose thread. You can count on superior comfort and breathability with this strap. It's the perfect choice for both day-to-day wear and outdoor sports activity, with color options including navy blue, olive, gray, and more.

These ballistic nylon bands from Barton are lightweight yet very sturdy. Barton bands are typically softer than other nylon watch bands on the market. They have a tighter weave, which makes them equally or more durable than most. Not to mention, they're odor-resistant and machine washable.

These straps all have something special about them. The leading quality they all share is that they are explicitly designed to keep you comfortable while doing physical activity. However, two stand out due to their flexible nature, as well as multi-purpose looks. That's why we can't recommend the Carty 22mm Fossil Sport Replacement Strap and the Fullmosa 18mm Fossil Sport Replacement Strap enough.

If silicone isn't your jam, you can go for a fabric band instead. One we recommend is the Fintie 22mm Nylon Fossil Sport Replacement Strap. You'll have the breathability you need to get through all your workouts without having to worry about your strap falling off or becoming uncomfortable. No matter which one you choose, we know you'll be pleased with the results.

The Skagen Falster 2 is a watch that you'll want to keep on you. With that in mind, you'll want more than one band for various occasions, so we've rounded up some of the best options.

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