Most skin specialists agree on the secret to achieving that beautiful complexion an effective daily skincare routine. Many times we change the cleaners and scrubs we use to achieve new or better results. However, the cleansing world has evolved.

We saw this first hand with Colombian actress Carmen Villalobos, who uses Foreo Luna Mini 2, to wash her face. Even Kim Kardashian herself was obsessed with the previous versions from the brand.

Although it only seems to be a small silicone brush, the Luna mini 2 ($139.00) is an electric facial cleaning device. When in contact with water and soap, it removes makeup remains and dirt. It performs a light exfoliation and reduces the size of the pores.

Advantages over a common cleansing brush: soft to the touch, easy to clean, designed to reach the various areas of the face, although it can also be used on the neck, shoulders, neckline, etc. It's portable and rechargeable.

The Luna 2 version ($199.00), which Kim K uses, does the same as the previous one. It removes up to 99.5% of dirt, bacteria, and makeup according to the manufacturer. It's 35 times more hygienic than brushes made with nylon filaments and its bristles are arranged so that each area favors a particular skin type. If you have troubled or sensitive skin, this gadget will be your best option.

In the market, you have other similar devices to clean your face in a more effective and hygienic way than the traditional manual mode. This is the case of Mia Smart Connected Beauty Device, $199. In two weeks you'll see improvements in your skin such as pore reduction, firmer contour, deflated eyes, and so on.

Clean Smart Facial Cleansing Device ($99.00) is an intelligent facial cleansing tool with PMD's Sonic Glow technology. It offers 7,000 vibrations per minute to ensure deep cleaning. In addition to lifting, firming, and toning the complexion, your skin will look more youthful.

Definitely the most accessible option on this list is Hairby Facial Cleansing Brush ($19.00) which also uses sonic vibration technology to gently remove residual makeup, dirt, and oil, as well as a mild exfoliation.

The brand explains the low-frequency pulses promote blood circulation and increase elasticity while helping the skin absorb creams better and faster.

After seeing the many facial cleansing gadgets that you can choose, you surely be convinced to upgrade your cleaning routine. And there's no better inspiration than the Colombian star herself!

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