So it goes in America. No one's immune from the threat of patent litigation, not even 18-year high school students in possession of an award-winning science project in one of the most prestigious science fairs around. (Tip of the hat to TD reader Jeff for sending this over.)

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Easha is a child from my relative but when she used my ideas And publications in time correction, energy correction , and momentum Plus a later scribd post of new methods in time correction She won a prize and a scholarship and earnings. When I left her a comment on FB she did not reply on home come she did not tell about me and my work and possible share of the money?

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I have a lawyer Brad Culpepper. These are three of my works then before the patent was made they looked at.

Manoj Bansidas Agravat MPH"Time Correction, Energy and Momentum "Science Journal of Physics, Volume 2012, Article ID sjp-111, 13 Pages, 2012. doi: 10.7237/sjp/111

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