Anonymous, 21 Mar 2020Use the ROG 2 as a daily driver, then come back and talk to us. ROG2 user here. Just basic usage - phone last for more than 2 days without charging from 100% capacity

MichaelD, 21 Mar 2020I had Realme X2 Pro and 90Hz is nothing special. I prefer battery life over little more smooth... moreUse the ROG 2 as a daily driver, then come back and talk to us.

ROLF, 20 Mar 2020Thats beacause you havent try a 90 or 120 hz display lolI had Realme X2 Pro and 90Hz is nothing special. I prefer battery life over little more smoothness on fast scrolling.

Anonymous, 19 Mar 2020If the screen îs a dealbreaker for you it doesn't mean the screen îs a dealbreaker... moreWell, fair enough. I know this phone will be amazing for a lot of people. The specs are insane and Xiaomi will introduce it as the cheapest SD865 device. I only 'complain' because 60Hz seems like a limitation when you have the crazy performance of a SD865 that could easily handle more than that. I think in a year's time this phone will feel a bit outdated when all the other flagships have 90Hz or more. Hope you understand.

IpsDisplay, 19 Mar 2020And it's so sad that they are brainwashed by reviewers Most reviewers don't keep smartphone... moreYeah I know. I am so tired of waiting for a flagship-level phone with IPS. Right now I have a Lenovo ZUK Z2 Plus with Snapdragon 820, but it is getting old and the battery is dying. Redmi K30 Pro was my hope of finding a replacement, but now we know that will have AMOLED... So I have since decided I will try to find a Sony Xperia XZ2 since that phone has Snapdragon 845 and UFS 2.1 storage. It should still be a nice upgrade over my current phone and is available VERY cheap these days. In fact I have seen some selling on eBay for as little as £90 to £110 GBP which is insane. But I will try to spend a bit more and purchase a brand new one.

I hope they keep the auxiliary camera versatility or upgrade over k20 pro.I'll not hesitate to upgrade at the end of the year, If I have an opportunity to pass my 9t pro to a friend. My Mi9t pro 128gb cost me 340 euros 4 months ago, and that is a steal in Europe!

Its likely because of overpriced SD 865 tbh I wouldn't mind if they used 855 with 120HZ display (LCD or OLED) with side or back fps and telephoto lens and if this lacks telephoto there is absolutely no reason to buy this over vanilla K30 unless you want 865

I was extremely butt-hurt upon first reading this article. I just watched the video review of the K30 though, and now I'm actually glad they went with a better screen after hearing the reluctance to praise this display in Will's voice.

Stranger, 19 Mar 2020Realme x2pro says hi at 450USD.. Think twice "notchless screen, big battery, lastest soc". Reading says hi. Read twice or maybe go to school to learn reading

Ariur, 19 Mar 2020Your car analogy is false. This phone does have already 300+ hp engine, which is Snapdragon 86... moreBecause its cheap!!! people now are always complaining on every smartphone. this phone is much cheaper than the s20 series so appreciate what xiaomi is doing RN.

MichaelD, 19 Mar 2020P.S. I will always prefer better battery life instead of high refresh rate displays and QHD di... moreThats beacause you havent try a 90 or 120 hz display lol

those who say they prefer 60Hz it's ridiculous, 90-120Hz makes the phone look faster and if you did not like it, it can be set to 60Hz as in other phones

Oled is obviously better than ips and at xiaomi they know that very well, there is even no point arguing with that. This phone having ips would be a disappointment. The redmi must be value focused and have things that most people want and truth is most people don't need more that 60hz. I happily take 60hz and better battery life any day. This of going to be a great phone!

P.S. I will always prefer better battery life instead of high refresh rate displays and QHD displays.

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I was little bit afraid but THANK YOU Xiaomi for using 60Hz display, I will definitely buy this phone. I don't need 60+ Hz displays because almost every phone that have 60+ Hz display look not smooth when screen refresh rate is lowered to 60Hz compared to phones that have 60Hz default screen refresh rate. For example I used Realme X2 Pro which have 90Hz and when I set it to 60Hz it doesn't look as smooth as my Samsung Galaxy S9 which have 60Hz default refresh rate. I also compared my friend's OnePlus 7 Pro and it also doesn't look as smooth when set on 60Hz like other phones which have 60Hz default refresh rate. Thank you Xiaomi, I'm very happy about this decision!

Magical Triangle, 19 Mar 2020Problem is there's no phone that has it all, and this almost did. Notchless screen, big batter... moreRealme x2pro says hi at 450USD.. Think twice

Magical Triangle, 19 Mar 2020Problem is there's no phone that has it all, and this almost did. Notchless screen, big batter... moreIts a matter of preferences, some peoples won't care about the 60+Hz, for example I plan to buy this phone for my GF as her Redmi Note 5 is now slow and have a lot of bugs (slow 4G, don't register some touch, crash etc etc), she doesn't care about higher refresh rate, she actually don't even care about flagship, a low middle range phone is enough for her, but in our budget I am able (based on rumored price of 400$+) to get her a really really amazingly powerful smartphone who basically have everything better than my OnePlus 6t she already consider more than powerful enough for her. So if the phone is sold at 450 or 500$ we will take it, but if it is at 500 and a 120Hz display added 50$ more, this amazing phone would start to get too expensive, let alone a 100$ more expensive because of the display... In my case I wait for MY perfect phone, and none come even close to what I want : 3D facial recognition in either a pop up or on the back with a secondary display on the back (and no foldable thingy) meaning no notch or hole and a flat display. At least an optical fingerprint scanner under the display though I really, really want a sonic one, the 3D Sonic Max from Qualcomm is literally what I ever wanted since they started talking about UD FPS before the first one is released, mostly the being able to scan it on a large area part. All that with a SD865, NFC (I pay a lot with my phone), Wireless charging (to finally put to use my car wireless charger), a 4000mAh+ battery and at least one of those 1m precision satnav new standard (BeiDou B1, Galileo E1 and E5a, GLONASS L1, GPS L1 and L5). Well I have more expectations, but those are the most important ones. And well, the 3D Sonic Max is out there, available and not even that expensive but way way way better than any optical or capacitive FPS ever on Smartphone, in every ways, yet no one even used a single one, not even the Galaxy S20, and it was a no brained for Samsung to upgrade from the older and problematic previous 3D Sonic, but even them didn't... 3D facial recognition cost almost nothing, there are massive upgrades coming with Qualcomm partnering with Trinamix to make the already safest unlock method available even more secure, yet very few phone even have 3D facial recognition, only the old outdated Find X have a pop up + 3D facial recognition and it have lots of issues as Oppo quality wasn't what it is now and their OS in the Find X2 is far better than what is available on the Find X... And there is only one reason for all those issues (few phone with true fullscreen, or lack of some important features), it is all because smartphone lack diversity, I mean they all have the same things, all have the same teardrop notch or single puny and useless punch hole, mostly when we talk about the SD865, half have waterfall display which is a start of diversity but it treat the market to become another trending feature which flood every new phones... Here we finally have a single phone who finally do things differently ! Not only he have a pop up so true fullscreen, he also have the audio jack, flat display etc. If you want your ideal smartphone to one day appear (and remember that for some, this one IS the ideal one, even with 60Hz display), don't complain that one phone is different, actually do point it out and encourage phone makers to take exemple and do more diverse phones, and your ideal smartphone will have higher chances to emerge ! And maybe, maybe ! Enough peoples doing that will make at least one manufacturer understand that there is a big market on doing many variant of the same phone with different features, meaning we could have a K40 with many subvariant which include punch hole and notch (for those who like them) bezel, pop up, 60Hz, 120Hz and more, audio jack or emphasis on IP rating, wireless charging or not, and then a lot more peoples will be able to get their ideal smartphone, meanwhile what I want represent probably the lowest chance to one day emerge, until then, I'll keep my OP6t even though I really hate having a camera up my face.

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