But Casey Donovan hit headlines in 2014, after it was revealed by New Idea that she was caught up in a catfishing hoax, in which her best friend posed as the pop star's online lover.

Now, the publication is quoting a friend of Casey's who claims that, after the scandal, the star 'sank into self-loathing' and began meeting up with strangers for sex.

'Self-loathing': A friend of Casey Donovan has told New Idea that following her catfish hoax, the star 'sank into self-loathing' and began meeting up with strangers she had met on the internet for sex

The magazine quotes the friend as saying, 'She [Casey] went out and had sex with total strangers she found online. It was like she needed validation after that awful catfish experience. She needed to believe someone found her attractive.'

The star shot to fame in 2004 after winning Australian Idol at the age of just 16, the same year the catfish hoax started. The star's best friend pretended to be a man named 'Campbell', and seduced Casey online. The hoax lasted for six years.

In the jungle: Casey Donovan is currently in South Africa filming the latest season of I'm A Celebrity

The new claims from the friend in New Idea echo what Casey wrote in her 2014 autobiography, Big Beautiful and Sexy.

'I wanted to stop the vicious cycle of sex and one-night stands but I didn’t know how to get out,' Casey wrote in her memoir.

According to The Daily Telegraph, the star wrote in a separate chapter, 'In the first year of using online ­dating I was f**king a new guy every two days. I didn’t even enjoy half of it.'

And the catfish incident is still having an effect on Casey, who broke down after discussing it in the jungle on I'm A Celebrity.

While she managed to hold things together while detailing the hoax to her fellow celebrities, Casey couldn't help but break down in tears in the diary room later.

'I'd never had a boyfriend. I was always a bit different. No-one was ever interested in me,' she sobbed.

'And this guy was telling me that he'd loved me. I think I'd known for a while that...it wasn't real. I knew there was something wrong.' 

Brave: Casey discussed the hoax with her castmates on I'm A Celebrity, but later broke down in the diary room 

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