The SKAA-compliant FS-252 bookshelf speakers the first in a new range of high-performance wireless products from Atlantic Technology.

The FS-25 bookshelf speakers are Atlantic Technology's first products to incorporate SKAA technology.

SKAA wireless technology has been adopted by a variety of audio manufacturers, the latest being Atlantic Technology. The company’s first SKAA compliant product, the FS-252 system, is comprised of a pair of compact, powered two-way stereo bookshelf speakers. Designed for home theater applications, they are acoustically matched to work in systems with Atlantic Technology sound bars and LCR speakers.

The FS-252 can be connected to a variety of analog sources including CD players and TVs via wired connections; the speakers connect to wireless digital media sources that are equipped with Bluetooth or SKAA transmitters.

For analog and digital products without SKAA built in, an SKAA transmitter can be added to create a high-performance wireless connection.

The FS-252 is both an SKAA transmitter and receiver. As a transmitter it can cast simultaneously to up to four additional SKAA systems, amps or headphones for single or multi-room use. Adding or switching between sources or transmitters is done with a click of a button on the speaker or the wireless remote.

“Eleven Engineering is pleased to be a part of Atlantic Technology’s exciting new range of SKAA wireless multi-room audio products,” says Rex Whithead, executive vice president, sales and marketing of Eleven Engineering, the inventor, manufacturer, and licensor of SKAA technology.

“These are fantastic looking, sounding and performing products that set a new higher standard for the home.”

SKAA has been touted as a wireless audio transmission standard that eliminates the issues that plague other wireless technologies like Wi-Fi.

Per a statement released by Atlantic Technology, the SKAA boasts a 36 millisecond fixed low-latency signal that’s four to five times lower than Bluetooth’s variable 120 to 200-millisecond latency, and 50 to 80 times lower than Wi-Fi’s 2,000 to 3,000-millisecond latency.

“Atlantic Technology has started an audio revolution with this incredible new series of SKAA wireless products for 2019,” comments Paul Fredrickson, business development director at Muto Communications, Atlantic Technology’s PR agency-of-record.

“The FS-252 is shipping now, with additional Atlantic Technology SKAA products coming soon and throughout 2019.”

Atlantic Technology plans to roll out SKAA products including an integrated amp, soundbar, and headphones. The FS-252 carries a suggested retail price of $749.

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