Another Chinese sedan looks to be ready to enter the local market – reader Caddilac Wong spotted an example of the Chana Alsvin in Johor, and has kindly sent us photos of the parked trade-plated vehicle.

The Alsvin is equipped with a JL475QD 1.5 litre DOHC mill, good for 97 hp at 5,500 rpm and 137 Nm of torque at 3,500 to 4,500 rpm, and transmission options for the car are a five-speed manual or, in the case of the vehicle in the photos, a four-speed auto.

The example in the photos is a 1.5 AT Luxury variant, as determined by its fabric seats. Kit on the 4.36 metre-long offering should include two airbags, ABS and EBD as well as cruise control, based on the equipment list found on the domestic version.

how easy it is for chinese automaker to go in to other country market but make it difficult for other makers to go in to their market… so fair right.. but no one in china said their G is protecting their automotive market…… i wonder why it only happened here.

they also imposed duties and quotas in Korea and other car-manufacturing countries. the only difference between them and Msia is that the Msian govt allow Proton to do whatever they please, including pricing Proton cars higher than they would overseas. this is a strictly no-no. if your intention is to build affordable cars for all your own countrymen, you don’t produce crap quality cars and jack up the prices and expect their business to subside your overseas expansion. and after 20 years, they are still complaining and demanding while never showing any sincerity on their parts to improve. even if Proton is your own son, if your son keep on screwing you and burning your money, after 20 years, I think you will feel like disowning him.

Proton cars are cheap..what made them not so cheap is excise tax..the tax already more than can they price low if tax almost same as cost of manufacturing.

it is obvious you don;t know what are you talking about. those excise duties are imposed across the board on EVERY cars in Malaysia. and Proton obtained various rebates and exemptions by virtue of the fact it is a NATIONAL car. the current prices of PROTON is NET OF those rebates and exemptions. please do some research before you blast off. the simple fact is this, the market for PROTON cars simply isn;t large enough for them to spread the cost of development and production adequately to price their cars competitively. they DON’T HAVE the economies of scale and this fact is even acknowledged by your good doctor from Kedah. the captive market of Malaysia is too small for PROTON to keep on developing new cars as fast and as varied as other car-makers. the solution for them is to expand aggressively overseas but we all know what’s the outcome of PROTON effort in overseas expansions so far, don;t we ? the kind of cars available in PROTON stable simply is not competitive enough, regardless of your personal and nationalistic sentiments. if PROTON cars are good enough, they will sell overseas. just like KIA and HYUNDAI increased its market share in USA and EUROPE. is PREVE good enough ? it is not convincing. only time will tell but at the rate they are introducing new car compared to the rest of the world, I doubt they can catch up and every neutral Malaysians who got not special nationalistic fondness to PROTON suffer for it..

“Msian govt allow Proton to do whatever they please, including pricing Proton cars higher than they would overseas”

1.where ? UAE? of course much cheaper there, they are reeeaaaaccchhhhh!!! 2.japan and korean also have sot of protectionism for their products, why don’t malaysia?

“you don’t produce crap quality cars and jack up the prices and expect their business to subside your overseas expansion. and after 20 years, they are still complaining and demanding while never showing any sincerity on their parts to improve”

should probably go find out how much the proton parts suppliers make (also probably who they are), how motivated are the suppliers is to improve their competitiveness, probably we can understand one important factor why proton has to cost so much ….anyway no matter how high it costs…it might just be passed on to consumers quite easily with the current policy? Who and why are we paying high prices of cars for? I wonder………

Just checked out on Preve and it’s deplorable. The quality not only has not improved but it’s gettIng worst. I just can’t believe after all the hype about this global car. Cheap cheap plastic everywhere from Glove compartment, inside door handle, air con vent shut/open switch, poor quality switches feel, dashboard, etc…It’s unbelievable after all these years of producing cars.

please don’t bluff here everybody knows preve has soft touch plastic dashboard cheap? please tell that to other makers especially japs

You don’t just look at soft touch. Not all the same..Compare this Preve soft touch with a Mazda 3 and you will instantly see a big difference in quality..

what do you expect to get with 73k car? preve already has soft plastic panel, it’s good enough but still cannot compare its interior with civic or mazda3 or altis coz eventhough without tax, preve is still much cheaper it’s a steal i can say

Preve turbo can smoke Mazda 3 all the way? Yeah you are absolutely correct, smoke from the Preve engine….all the way….

Checked it out…I didn’t find the dashboard that soft. The material used in the dash in the Kia Forte felt softer..

There are nothing to bluff here, it’s there for all to see. I feel sad actually seeing Proton all these years and still coming out with this kind of quality. Not going too far, even the old Wira glove compartment is better. Try the Preve compartment yourself and you will know how flimsy it is. Try pressing all the buttons and I can feel the poor quality springs are being used. 70K for this car after all those privileges accorded? Honestly it’s really better to pay few more thousands for a Vios, City or Mazda 2. Just speaking what I feel and not here to bash.

they have a huge market, and every maker eager to go they have the leverage? what do we have? even indonesian market is bigger than us now….

1. P1 screwed themselves up in the late 90’s when their sales & image were booming by producing low quality vehicle in the following decade. 2. P1 is used as an opportunity by the reigning political party to make money by supplying inferior parts for the car. 3. The gov imposes high tax on foreign cars to protect P1, but the gov also imposes a considerable tax on P1. 4. At the time when the neighboring countries enjoys buying new models every 3-5 years, we are trapped with the same model by P1 for 10 years. 5. If no political party take advantages of P1 for the last 20 years, P1 would have been an established brand overseas, making money and never sucks taxpayers money to continue operating.

NOTE: Even though the China gov is protecting the local car company, Honda Civic in China is still far cheaper than Malaysia.

They do not turn their car manufacturing into a pile of jaguh kampung , ‘Ketuanan’ bullshit. Go check on how much Volkswagen sell for in China compared to Malaysia before you speak. In other words the Chinese do not screw heir own people.

then i hope my stement is not a racist one… you may return back to your hometown now lah right.. much cheaper there…. right right…

No one ever forced you to live here…you can go back to your hometown anytime….n let your baby drink the poisonous milk there…

no one forces you to stay here..u can go back to your hometown n let your baby drink the poisonous milk there…

Yes and I can see a combination of Mazda 3 1st gen on the front and 2nd gen at the rear..Smart China man….

No..there are many product from china are very good…the one not good is copy or replica product…u all r to bias

A car which has a power name; Changan Alsvin who was contributed by a power guy called Caddilac Wong and looks like a very bad stolen Mazda design. What more can go wrong?? Zzzzzzz

another Chinese death-box-on-wheels. seriously, when will they learn to design decent-looking cars? why must they copy and paste other carmakers’ designs on their vehicles? and they should also install larger wheels. these look puny. makes the car look cheap.

Today ..copy….but next several year……who knows…other to copy theirs……lately you can see that several famous car maker..introduce..abit disapointed kind a shape …of new car…..

Initial thought from the name is made in India. Name sounds Indian but made in China. Wonder what kind of engine is this ‘JL475QD 1.5 litre DOHC mill’ Can editor elaborate more on the engine?

talk whatever you want, china will be coming main aotumaker later, despite of that, the interior eg dashboard are far better than any of proton new model why proton??????why it is so hard for you to make more catchy or smart dashboard even speedometre, no ones is impressed by your small and rectangular type font, arghhhh you always make me crying. sob2…

chana alsvin spotted by caddilac lol…i thought i my vision has gone seriously wrong!! thats what you call a coincidence

China is very new in automotive industry eventhough most of automotive parts made there. Indeed they might have very low sense of art in car production i.e. car they produced almost a cc of other vehicle. For me I just wonder couple of items:

1. Displacement of the cars from China mostly around 1500cc. Dont they made higher displacement cars? Or maybe better output from thier cars? Racerboy like me cant afford Golf R32, Renaultsport, Focus RS or even DS3 (eh ada ke kat sini?)

2. Why G allow China flooding our land with these category cars? 1.5l car is a direct competition to Saga. Is this is hint for Saga to be discontinued? I dont think so. Its also in P2 league (eventhouch Myvi is compact car, not sedan)

3. Any of us possessed a China cars? Need feedback fro u guys. Alado ka Cherry ka any Brand/ model welcome. lets share your unbiased thaughts on the cars. A serious road test & comparison is required here Dato Seri Anthony Lim :)

4. Yes China love to copy other model & produce the car. Dont blame them. The law allows them to do so.

If M’sia government want to protect our automotive legacy from disgrace, why they are insist to bring in more foreign cars which is less competitive and worthless?

just want to see the test crash result.. the look is nice (since actual pirated copycat from Mazda).. for sure very hard to get Malaysian to buy it… MALAYSIAN very damn choosy people.. Malaysian born to be fanboy of Toyota and Honda.. proton preve also consider not good car for some of them… put VIOS type J… most T fanboy said is a good damn car… some more kampung2 guy really feel so damn proud if they able Toyota Vios even is made in Bandung Indonesia…

mr watchman, so pandai2 talk that people dun no tax in malaysia which u r the one that is ignorance bs.

Nap has been revised in 2005 n finally fully abide afta in 2009. Since 2005, non tax barrier had been moved(subsidies, rebate n etc). Tax barrier been reduced since 2005 n in 2009, abide afta already.

Thai gov mad at g gov because it takes them untill 2009 to abide afta n penalised malaysian g(actually not the g, but prtn been penalised), every prtn car has to pay 20% more tax than others such as toyota, honda, nissan n etc in thailand.

Every asean car has same tax bracket. Non tax barrier(such as rebate, subsidies n etc) are not allowed under afta n since malaysia fully abide afta in 2009, so no rebates or subsidies or what so ever.

Its up to them to set the price. Tax has been reduce. Thats why non popular brands in malaysia such mitsu, mazda, ford n etc can pricing their cars which is CBU from japan n non asean region(which supposed to have 30% more import tax in their price bracket) n at the same price n better equip then toyota n honda ckd in malaysia@cbu thailand n indonesia which dont have 30% import tax due to afta.

If want to do all the bersih thing, bersih also ur mind n learn something. Learning, reading culture are really low among malaysians. What malaysia like to do, doing assumption, reading headlines rather than the news itself, read tabloids, gossip, rumours n etc than facts.

Even though its a china model but it looks better design than the useless proton PREVE. Shame on you proton fuckwards at kereta macam tahi. jual mahal dengan quality macam sial. my advise to proton is if you cant compete with the automobile industry…try selling bumiputera pisang goreng panas or nasi lemak kukus….you idiots are good ofr eating and shitting…

china companies are very creative and smart….any new model been introduced they can clone… last time got one model the front is merc W124 and the rear is Jag…..ha ha chinamen are creative on their own ways….

looking at the name of the car…the designer’s name was probably Alvin. They are known to add an additional alphabet into a make a difference…gosh.

Aaaaa the success story of Chinese manufacturing industry…can’t come out with something original, just make a copy. The back looks like the previous Mazda 3.

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